Beginner’s Mind

You’re Invited!



Positive support, constructive feedback, participation, co-creation
and kindnesses are welcome.

This starter page defines and describes the intention of this blog. The format will lean toward covering one, some or at times most all the key areas (see below). There may be some article formats, though I aim to stay on point, bring tangents to center and scope out the land of discovery in a focused string of complete blurbs pertaining to the intent of this blog.

This theme is kind of a merging of the non-fiction stories of Wild (by Cheryl Strayed) and Eat Pray Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert) – a woman’s journey though without any set destination points –  as of yet anyway – other than into the unexpected – and a personal Happiness Project (by Gretchen Rubin) with more freedoms and less rules in the scope of finding the bones that make up my own life flow. Also, my favorite fiction work so far, and will always be a top fave, is Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks. This story also follows a woman’s journey of unexpected personal transformation.

There are other influences I can’t pinpoint now that I am sure will present themselves in future topics. These ideas may present something worthwhile to contribute to other’s personal lives in ideas, resources, relating with subject matter, creative expression, living more fully, etcetera. This is more of a Passion Project to locate where my momentum is now in order to move forward in life.

And just what is this next life chapter? Where is the trajectory arching to? How do I fit into a changing planet and global society where many things in this new era are so different than before? What will become of our humanity in the coming decades, next century? I’m sure anyone reading this blog has thought some of these very questions that perhaps are going unspoken and wish they had a crystal ball as I do. I am here to speak in human terms about some of the big ideas over reaching all our lives and find healthy key ways we might manage our daily lives with a softer touch in the face of extremes. Let’s share how we are dealing and not dealing well with how things are going on a personal to universal field. I invite you to join in the open conversation.

THE KEYS (so far)

Did you catch that semi-pun or irony of ‘riding’ into the unexpected?

What is this RIDE like?
The Ride to Write.
The Write to Ride.


SHED the skin of expectations. (others and mine)

DISTILLATION of Daily Insights.


For the next year I plan on taking a RISK each day.
Planned or spontaneous.

Try something NEW each day.
(I will provide actual things I did or tried)

Enter all FOUR ROOMS of my lifehouse each day.

Bring MUSIC back into my life. (Light more candles, watch less TV)





Today I created…a simple collage I posted close-up on top and whole piece at bottom that represents the beginning of this new adventure titled “Inner Compass.” Also, I journaled three large pages in a new blank journal I cracked open.

And I created this blog.

I used one of my favorite quotes.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

Blissings to All,



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