Well, I’ve been up all night getting this online application together since I last minute discovered this not to be missed opportunity. Only the deadline was today! So this counts as my creation for the day. I have to get ready soon to leave – hope to grab an hour or so of shut-eye. Yikes! What have I done….

photo taken by me on  hike at Red Rock Spring 2013 and photoshopped this week

Art Image submitted to hatchfund

Art Image submitted to Hatchfund


This is the title of an elaborate project I hatched – it’s been lurking in my mind brewing for a long time.

Eco-Art Merzbau: A Pop-Up Room w/ Spherical View of Fresh to Mutant Earth Forms

Not sure if this is viewable yet or not, or if it will be approved. Feel free to click link and see if anything pops up. That’s it for today – if/when you get to see this it is in a super-duper long state and needs editing, but that’ll have to be for another day. You still have until midnight tonight (not sure which time zone) to submit your own creative project as an artist. So happy trails to any other last minuters out there!

Have a creative weekend!






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