Dreamer Dream On



I’m not much in writing mode today. It feels forced, to type. My thoughts and ideas are all awhirl. So much since Friday switching all about in my head that I did journal over the weekend somewhat. Sunday I simply let myself be in art mode for I felt the writing was not coming from the right side of my brain and I needed to stay there. It just seems that each day on this *unexpected* path is a huge opener for me, of which I did not expect. hahaha.

Weird little things keep happening. Like waking up to a song today about smoke and fire of the unexpected. The lyrics actually mentioned expectations or something like that which surprised me. I’ve got to look up those lyrics! The song that was set to my clock-radio and awakened me was “Paper and Fire”. During this time I was dreaming of a sudden burst of black smoke darkening the sky and coming toward me as I searched for cover. Things like that, Coincidences.

I continue to create something new and take risks each day. Still need to get some format to keep better track of and post. I decided NOT to force that either and let it flow out naturally. I almost forced myself to blog on Saturday but I chose against that. On the one hand it would be a good idea for instilling a new habit to go 21 or 28 days straight, but this eludes the purpose of integrating in my life how I prefer to live. I don’t want to have any obligations over the weekends or holidays and allow myself time and space for renewal and not blur the lines of the weekday into the weekend. I  require a different kind of rhythm, a slowing and a deepening.

I’ve been getting back to relaxing while drawing, which used to be the way of things, so this feels new to me all over again! I really got into a drawing Sunday nite. I had seen the phrase “Dreamer Dream On” on an overpriced long tee on Friday and the saying stuck. I am posting three images done Saturday through Monday. I will review what I journaled on Saturday to distill into writing here during this week. So much to reflect on that is fresh and a game-changer to my POV, to make lasting changes in how I am in the world. These ideas I am referring to are a bit of a jumble for me to convey as of yet though make deep sense to me. Things I thought I already had a handle on and clearly did not, at least not on a deep enough level to make a significant and lasting change already. It’s good to be humbled, again, and refresh one’s perspective – in this case, mine!

Much that I’ve been in reflection about mirrors my recent contemplative reading meditations at the start of my days. This is something I used to do all the time and somehow in these past few years has escaped me. I read all the time all kinds of stuff. I’m talking about how I start the tone of my day and deepening this with contemplation. Sure, I’ll contemplate things in my usual readings, however there is something different about how one begins a fresh chunk of time to merge into with a purer innerscape. I sure wrote more that I thought I would. Great. More soon..

Hold true to your own rhythm and pace!


p.s. My cat has in this past week started *leaping* in and out of my room. Usually she would push or pull the door open more. I leave the door ajar. Funny how she is leaping at a time I am talking about creative leaping. hmmmm. Interesting how  it is said cats are our familiars. Cats are highly intuitive creatures afterall. Super weird that her behavior is changing simultaneous to mine!


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