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Pushed myself, yet again, to create something fresh. I used a page out of order in the current journal I am using for this project and on the back side of an art piece I was going to keep blank, then thought why not. Once I get going lately I find a return to a deep meditative and relaxed state. It is a wonderful feeling to rediscover a sense of relaxation to destress and cope better. This ease feels natural and intentional. Something remembered, familiar though strange in the reclaiming process.

The four images are an evolution of one piece. I began with an ordered collage of blocked scraps, then painted with paper pieces for diversity in size, color and contrast. Usually I collage more chaotically or layout a plan with a temporary layout and printmaking techniques, such as stencils and layered images. At each stage when the piece is input into the computer it is first digitally enhanced before any other creative application is applied.

Next, I broke open a new set of opaque pens for painting in the second image that tied the whole thing together like a textile quilt. It was super fun and I enjoyed that part most working with new supplies in a way I’ve wanted to for a long time that was fresh for me to explore. (To break open new supplies and tools feels like a huge deal for me since I have had great hesitation to do so and move forward to produce new works. A risk to not ruin and waste them on something not worthwile.) Previously, I’ve used actual paints like acrylic, oil pastel and recollaging torn and cut pieces in layers in expanding additive works. I’ve been wanting to use markers in smaller collage pieces of an illustrative effect by hand.

The third image is upgraded, manipulated and layered with effects in Photoshop. This version shows a cutout technique with various light effects. Often I shift, skew and resize the image in a layered digital collage semblance but I didn’t find a groove for that at this juncture and will pursue this image in that context again. Seeing an image progression is a great way to see the stark difference while documenting each stage.

The fourth image evolved from an inverted technique and psychedelic version that was somewhat of a happy accident in the layered light effect in Photoshop. This version is muted in color compared to the more saturated piece. However, this combo with the reversal of positive/negative space works so well with the balanced design. The image appears to have been shifted however it was the light, color and contrast from the effects without any moving around of the image at all. This piece seems like it is derived from a totally different source image. Several versions of this sort were generated in a progression series and way too many to post here,

It’s been planned to delve further than I have before in printing out digital works to blend more in traditional mixed media collage and illustration. And then take this further by digitally embellishing with more layered collage versions and art piece combinations, output and then cut, torn and layered by hand with traditional materials and other art pieces only to continue ad infinitum until I choose a new series of imagery and/or departure point to explore a fresh approach to continue and integrate the working theme. This is something to move toward in the coming year and fulfill an integrated media approach and style of greater interest.

That’s my main focus for the day of the unexpected. I didn’t expect to create something I enjoyed and liked so much in the end. ~ ShaRose


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