Future Vision


Day 3: My Perfect Day

#10DBC, #freedomplan

September 12, 2016


I began my day listening to the today’s  motivational video for this exercise. It has been percolating somewhat through a busy day. I am too tired to be detailed and post imagery I wish to. I have seen and done this perfect day before. My perfect day is not today. I give it two parts. Perfect Day from Home is expanded on her. Perfect Day Traveling has yet to be truly tapped into that feeling. I vision a blending of both homestead and travel in my life.

Perfect Day from Home

I awaken naturally after a restorative sleep to quietude. Watch the sunrise over the hills and caress them in golden light. I share my life and days with a man who is my equal and a generous, fun loving creative adventurous soul who is playful, joyous and makes me laugh. We take turns pampering and surprising one another in simple small ways as supportive, loving gestures. A pitcher of cool refreshing lemon water awaits on my bedside table. We share quiet moments on our outdoor lanai, laying back on a thick organic cotton futon. I dash into the reading nook and sketch a few ideas and journal in solitude awash with sacred music playing. There are 3 children we have adopted who storm in to greet us as we go downstairs to our large country family style kitchen for breakfast. The youngest girl and I go into our large greenhouse off the kitchen to pick ripe tomatoes with sprigs of dill, lemongrass, green onion, flat leaf parsley and thyme for frittatas. He and I eat light. Protein fruit smoothies definitely. It’s a weekday and off they go to our shared homeschool network down the road. We go outside or to the yoga room as our yoga teacher and friends arrive to share a practice. Off he goes to his music studio in the house or out for other music business, creative projects and collaborations. I go down to my art barn studio to paint, write and create. I have a production team and office to deal with licensing, custom work, and various projects though that is in a separate wing so I can have my serenity to focus. Mid-day we have a private chef for he and I to share a relaxing intimate lunch back at the house or somewhere on our retreat community land, maybe a prepacked picnic to escape to a yurt or cabin. After school it’s down to the community classroom art space where homeschool kids come for creative play, exploration and art that I run with support from parents and other artists. Also, we have a learning farm with small patches of crops and community garden space with animals that the kids learn how to care for them for school. Our whole family with help from a ranch hand and family dog do our part with the goats, cows and chickens. In the evening it’s either a family supper inside or on the outdoor deck, maybe sing around a fire and roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Talk over family travel itinerary and other couple and individual travel plans. Jump onto our golf carts up to our private planetarium and stargaze. Or go up to our community kitchen gathering for meals with friends or a charitable function we stage likening it to our own pop up restaurant for kicks. At the end of the day tucking our kids into bed reading and improvising stories, sharing in talks if something is on their minds. Walking into our candlelit bedroom to find a couples massage awaits with classical guitar music playing. The scent of Amber in the air. Off to bed in the cozy strong arms of my man sleeping to rhythmic drums basking in our off-the-grid Tuscan-style villa oasis under the stars out on our private lanai with a soft warm breeze brushing our skin.

Also various traveling versions single and with partner and with kids. Not sure about this piece. Maybe home is just me or with partner and no kids. Maybe the kids are his with whatever the situation. More to embellish. This is my previous vision. Some additional details, a guest house for my mom next to ours. Stella my kitty cat companion with me everywhere. Playing family games. Intimate time with my partner. We produce annual creative camps and invite our friends to camp on our land and stay in our retreat center. It builds into our own private festival of imagination and creativity. We begin by renewing our vows as our community grows and invite others to wed and renew their vows to launch the occasion on our anniversary. There’s a lot of music, art making, theatre games, poetry readings, writing groups, drama, dance, inventions, installations, performances, circus, cooking, and more! Everyone contributes to our festival.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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