Shift Happens


Day 4: Unlocking My Superpowers

#10DBC, #freedomplan

It’s late and I’m beat. I first saw this assignment in the wee hours. I have tended it throughout my day. At the car repair business I wrote notes in three columns for what I am good at, enjoy doing and what might be purpose-driven moneymakers for a creative soul. Also, I asked for support on Facebook though no real bites. One person might write or give me in person some thoughts. I did ask my mom and dad independent of one another and received interesting answers.

The things I am good at include art, writing, connecting people, uplifting spirits, being resourceful, logistics, helping others, imagination, creativity, intuition, research, technology, motivation of self and others, being a Good Samaritan, being funny, self-expression, ideation, and more.

What I enjoy doing includes the above. Regarding art making, I have fallen back in love with drawing in recent years and evolved a new technique and style moving my fine art, illustration, whimsies and cartooning forward.

I love yoga and have been in and out of it over 30 years however struggling with personal and physical setbacks to a regular practice even now with unlimited monthly membership at a local studio.

I enjoy conversation, philosophy, spirituality, reading printed books/magazines, solitude, art and music festivals, explorations of any kind, creative process, travel and adventure, excursions, day trips, mixed media, merging digital and traditional collage, listening to music , writing and listening to poetry/lyrics, getting lost watching movies and edgy unpredictable TV series and studying the writing, science and science fiction, the fantastical, magical realism, contemporary and classic literature, sharing in all sorts of ways with friends/family and knowledge/information sharing for the betterment of others, interviewing others, gathering knowledge and info and articulating it in new ways as convergence of ideas and synthesis, massage, hiking, being in nature, being in communities of like souls, making new friends, talking and hanging out with girlfriends, learning new things, expanding my horizons, creative living and lifestyles, animal behavior, time with my kitty cat, painting on canvas, making a mess with art supplies everywhere, fresh art tools and supplies, wandering in bookshops, wandering energy, whimsical everything, art opportunities, conceptual development, collecting various things, sorting and displaying, making fragmented things whole as in collage, non-toxic printmaking/paper making/marbling, anything about longevity and blue zones, making up my own recipes and cooking up fun hearty and healthy meals, presenting meals for special treats for loved ones, design, technology, volunteering when I can give time and energy, mystical occurrences, figurative drawing, creative healing, in-depth study, academics, camping, deep ecology, Eco art, theatre, performance, dancing, contact improv, laughing, singing, humming, giving voice to things, voiceover, animation, stories and live storytelling, live acoustic music, desire to play musical (sacred) instruments, sacred arts/objects/ritual, seasonal changes, being kind, treating others in fun ways, gift giving, craft making, trying new things out, being flexible in body/mind/heart/soul/spirit, producing and directing creative projects and special events, avant grade and eclectic experiences, lucid dreaming, journaling, taking pictures, stargazing, touching organic textures, strong tactile sense, rocks, geologic forms and terrain, living wonders, trees, playing board/picnic/card/social games, picnics, visual world, aroma therapies, personal touches, receiving treats, playfulness, peace, serenity, mindfulness, nature walks/photography and studies, travel research for art/writing/creative works, rainbows and natural wonders and phenomena, comedy improvisation, theatre games, cirque du soleil, circus, clowning, active storytelling, face painting, mandala making, circles, wild women, ancient stories/myths and legends, classic rock and roll, folk music, cultural music and events, new music, Woodstock style home design, master craftsman and art nouveau designs, Bohemia, experientials, unique and eclectic experiences, participatory events and more.

I realize I could be in my right livelihood and live an authentic life through art making endeavors, multi-genre writing, publish magazine articles, poems and stories, publish and license imagery, create my own brand, connect people in unusual ways launching art salons/adventures/tours/retreats/experiences/online courses/residencies, write/produce and direct independent media, creativity coaching, motivational speaker/presenter, creative healer, explore art as medicine and more.

I notice how I make others laugh, always looking for the funny. to cheer up others and reach out on a soul level to anyone in my orbit where ever I am with simple gifts in everyday kindnesses – little gestures that matter most. Being able to stay in my integrity, look myself in the mirror and keep my word are high priorities to me. I feel the impossible is possible. I believe in being bold, visionary, inclusive of others and celebratory.

My dad told me I have the gift of gab.  That I can convince others to do something and talk to anyone in a personable, relatable way befriending strangers and people from varying walks of life. He said all successful sales people have this marvelous talent, that I could sell ice cream to an Eskimo and be a great car salesperson. There was another example I don’t recall. Though I don’t see myself selling cars.

My mom says I have a knack of making order out of disorder, beauty out of mayhem, that I see things others don’t see or see more deeply.  When the chips are down, that I’m right there to help no matter what the relationship with me. She says I am very friendly and can make a meal like a gourmet that is delicious. I don’t know about being a gourmet because that takes real intensive training and practical experience. Chefs are amazing! I’ve picked up things here and there, mainly improved cooking skills watching PBS.

These observations from my folks are eye opening when heard as witnesses outside of myself. Things I am aware of to some degree. And my own process earlier in the day has shifted while absorbing and processing into something transformational. I feel as if my mind is opening, a jar lid being lifted. An inner shift is occurring in deeply subconscious and conscious plateaus I cannot yet pin down. I can say that I have written countless lists, goals, visions and plans, however there is a magical element to this process merging into a soul alchemy. Over this past decade I have learned to trust my intuitive self versus the smatterings in my youth and earlier adult life that I did not always listen to for better outcomes as I do now. I honestly know this to be true for me. Feeling lighter, clearer and refreshed like a good hearty rain cleaning the air. Thank you Natalie Sisson for this fantastic exercise! It made a difference in my life already. Maybe it will resonate for you, dear reader, too!

This blog post is in response to  Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4 .


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