The Fine Art of Mistakes


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Day 7: Imperfection

Where to begin? No, really, that’s what I thought regarding this imperfection concept to weave into my day and continue with for thirty days. I am surrounded by mess. My apartment is in shambles, literally things piled and thrown spilling over everywhere. The only way to tackle it is with a machete and chop back the jungle of clothes, papers, trash and all sorts of belongings and reclaim some space in chunks here and there. I did well, sort of. I puttered about picking things up to create more order in tiny ways. Six loads of dirty laundry got done, folded, hung and put away. At least some tossed I drawers for later folding just to get it where it belongs. Last Spring I read the Kon Mari method and applied ideas that helped. But with personal stress, family dynamics, dad’s accident and my health issues my things got scattered everywhere in the flurries and quick rushes of life and timing since New Years. I even remember fighting with the fridge. I’d open it and containers of food would fly out at me. I picked the items up and pitched them harder and harder back inside as this lasted a few rounds. No idea who won that one! At every turn some comic relief. Lotion tubes, medicine bottles, papers and more are knocked off my nightstand routinely from this ill-conceived stack. I cleared it a few weeks ago, but the jungle has taken over and being exhausted it just goes on the back burner. There is much to do. I did make progress today, stayed focused on getting laundry fine and a corner area in my room free of stuff with choices of clothes I like to wear for summer to beat the heat still in the southwest. I feel good for what I did in whatever chaotic way rearranging minor stuff to move it out of the way and not necessarily in its home spot.

Three Things

There are three imperfect actions I will take daily, starting today.

1) Clearing clutter at home and get everything in its place. Similar to the French concept for chefs and cooks preparing with a mise en place. I think of my art making I this way for a studio to be in order and then gather my ingredients in a table collection. Then, chaos ensues. Controlled chaos, that is. It’s much easier to mix materials, tools and supplies around when the space is orderly. I will spend 5 to 30 minutes or more each day clearing out this old cluttered energy and transform my home environment into a refreshing and restorative sanctuary. This project is overwhelming with the need to do a lot of deep cleaning, too, that I find it hard to face.

2) Journal almost daily even half or one page if I am not able to make time to write three pages. Tonight I did one weird page of scribble scrabble as I kept dozing off. Forced myself to put pen to paper. Felt like I was procrastinating and avoiding it. Like I said, I’m tired! I did commit to doing this in a mention a few days ago and hadn’t yet. Journaling clears my mind and helps to organize my day, sort through raw and subconscious stuff through writing and art journaling, too, at times combining both.

3) Make some form of art no matter how small and no matter if it is complete or a work in progress or simply a doodle. I had a lingering square piece as shown above, now complete. I was putting off touching it since I wasn’t sure what to do at first. I’ve had an idea how to proceed just didn’t happen. I created a drawing technique that allows me to scribble, which I love, and invent shapes while integrating whimsical designs. I have a monthly art crit tomorrow and needed another done piece. I hoped to go larger, just didn’t work out that way this time. I wasn’t motivated by this piece though still wanted to use the canvas. Art and writing are what I crave and aspire to create. However, it seems to be on the bottom of my list with a full plate taking care of others and two (actually three) households of differing needs, schedules, logistics  and preferences. So I will stop this madness and figure out a new self discipline and schedule that makes me happy first above all the rest. Part of my evolved drawing style is to obliterate an area I’ve become too attached to that’s really gotten boring so I make quick marks and make changes to enhance and embellish with an eye for interest. Often what happens then is I feel I made a mistake. I have been photographing the in between steps to artworks these days though forgot a few for this piece shown above. Usually I have digital copies of parts of artworks I gave up for the greater overall composition. I still get to use these other concepts as elements. It’s a win-win. Drawing and painting this way end frustrations I previously had. It comes naturally for me and keeps me curious about the process, design, theme, etcetera. The point is that I draw and create flaws and imperfections on purpose as these happen to be the most captivating.

Clear clutter and clean to transform home. Journal with words and images. Make a daily art piece, even a doodle, or work-in-progress. A long time vision now a real time plan. I can integrate these in my daily life with gusto!

This blog post is imperfection. I kept falling asleep and striking keys of letters in wrong places. I accidentally closed my blog draft window and thought I lost it all! I only list two recent lines so I best save, publish and call it finished for now. Too tired to do all the extra stuff now. Will do later to complete. Perfectly imperfect.




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