Following My Heart


Another day I just want to skip writing and arting for it gets to be later on and the day is done. I like when this goes in reverse and I get to this at the top or middle of my day. Other things take priority and if I don’t get going earlier it does not get done. My days are in a different type of cycle for after midnight into the wee hours of morning count as the day prior for me. I did miss yesterday but I had stayed up all night the night before somehow landing on pinterest which, like when I first signed on about 4 months ago, I went image cwazy! I get so addicted to seeing images of far off places and remote beauty of which I wish to immerse myself in I cannot get enough, so I click and click and click and add more to my vision boards. My poor kitty cat was so hungry I kept saying just a few more minutes and then it was three hours later and she was gnawing at my new skull candy earbuds (which worked fantastic until….) that I now need to replace! My fault, though I had to curtail my bit of anger. Oh well, such the stuff of life. Soon I will add my artwork to my pinterest boards, but if anyone wants to see…

I count these additions as my creative thing I did that Tuesday. What I am particularly drawn to are these amazing trees that twist and turn in the most unbelievable of ways. It draws on what I call the eco-feminine and a huge focus for me on my creative path. I plan on using the trees as reference material for artmaking, painting etc. I did discover a fantastic fiber artist

How odd that these twists and turns are what I am after on my journey into the unexpected, not knowing which way I am to go and simply following a sort of scent of the future calling out to me. Listening to music and the silence in this past week plus has made a significant difference. Listening to Elton John, Loreena McKennitt, Snatum Kaur, Nora Jones, Tracy Chapman, Dona De Lory, Mass Ensemble, Sara MacLachlan and others. It is truly a special return to old faves and new music, to the sounds that bring me back to a personal happiness in my daily rhythm. I used to listen and sing along to a lot of tunes while driving however I’ve been without wheels for a little over five years now. I don’t like listening to the radio as much anymore. I prefer the songs and artists I enjoy without all the commercials and talk.

An intriguing risk I took this evening when I was out to eat supper was in meeting a woman who has a strong resemblance to someone in my circle who passed away a little over a year ago. I kept looking at her from across the room, not sure if she noticed I was doing so, and when I saw she received her check and readying herself to go I had to meet her. I was so compelled. She was very kind and we spoke at her table and then she joined me and my party. We have things in common and there seems to be some healing there. There were, what I felt, some significant signs that possibly our loved one was saying hello from the spirit world. Well, I believe in these things since I was very young. At nine years of age I began reading the “Life After Life” series when we ordered books in grade school and junior high. I am blown away by the Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo. I don’t think these *signs* if they come through another are about replacing anyone. I sense it is simply to say I am here. Spirit exists! Maybe someone reading this isn’t a believer. That’s okay. I am just sharing my intuition and personal encounters. The party I was with at dinnertime is someone I share a unique spiritual connection although this individual does not believe in the spirit world or spirits in general. I’ve been trying to help this person see that there are signs and things all around with opening oneself to this as a possibility. Oh well, each to his or her own!

This reverse-type effect of my above  heart drawing I did tonight intrigues me as to when something appears in life one way and then there’s is this whole other side to it that gives it far more depth to observe and take notice. I have fun with images when I play with them in Photoshop and tweak them in various ways. Simply using artistic filters and the layer effect works plenty of magic to get something new and exciting. It gives a flavor of what I thought about earlier today about being one who is *living differently.* Light and dark interplay and exchange, from the above image to this revised one, where things are seen and experienced from another POV.


If/when ever I might refer to any person or persons here I will maintain anonymity for the most part. I might share potentially if there is something serious going on with someone close in generic terms, but maintain a sense of privacy yet a sharing of things to a certain degree. So that was my big risk for today. What did I risk yesterday? It was such a weird day without sleep and having to be there to help another in the afternoon. I came home and fell asleep by 5:30pm pretty much for the night into late morning. Allowing myself that catchup time was possibly a risk to let myself go away for that long stretch.

Yesterday I tried these new sweet potato corn chips – not regular potato-type chips. Tasty. BTW, they are from Trader Joe’s. Today I tried this Therapeutica cervical pillow at my chiropractor’s office. I got measured for it and am soon ordering it online. Great price at Amazon! My head/neck/upper area has been such a mess and sleep at times impossible without an aspirin. Been close to two months since my last adjustment and turns out a lot of my pain from a few weeks sleeping on an air mattress in wait for my custom futon messed my whole back up and I had a rib that was out on each side.

I still need to get myself aligned with my goals set forth regarding the totality of this blog. I’m feeling kinda sore now from my alignment, so I’m a gonna sign off and go to dreamland. Probably watch a DVD first. Something I haven’t seen yet.

Until the morrow. s.